Yesterday I received my Arduino Duemilanove and went straight to set it
up. I downloaded all the software, unzipped it and everything else then
plugged the board in. When I opened the “Blink” example I found the
serial port bit in tools wasn’t working. The board was definately plugged
in so I went on the troubleshooting on the Arduino homepage and tried
what they said. It still did not work. I was wondering if I had the bad luck
of getting a broken board? When I plugged it inb the power (PWR) LED
lit up along with the LED labelled L, above the two TX and RX. Is L meant to light up or is my board dodgy?

Thanks for helping.

Is L meant to light up


Have you installed the drivers, it looks like the PC is not picking up the USB bridge. Also check with another USB lead and if possible another computer.

This sort of thing comes up all the time and it is usually the drivers.

Thanks. Glad to know it isn't broken. I will have to install the drivers and try again.

Sorry, probably a silly question but in the drivers section of the arduino file it has so many different ons I have no idea which one I need to use. Thanks again.

What operating system are you using.

Have you seen this page:-

I had a look at a similar one. I am using windows vista. One page said I didnt need to install any drivers, but that doesnt seem to be true…

The Arduino needs the best supported drivers ever :-) They are part of Vista, and there indeed is no need to find an external driver.

What SHOULD happen is this: As soon as you plug-in the Arduino board for the first time, Windows should say: "New Hardware detected" and then "Drivers had been installed, ready to use".

When you plug-out the Arduino a "Ping" should be heard, or something, this depends on settings,and may be only on XP....

To check you should open the Device Manager and look for the situation of the virtual COM ports.

This all is standard WIndows procedure every WIndows user is bound to know and to have mastered ;) Or ask one of the many having-learned-the-hard-way-gurus near-by....