Brown out (brownout) Fuse Settings on Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V

Dear Forum,

I have a very small vibrator motor that I am controlling using and Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V). I am powering the motor with a 3.7V LiPo battery. The motor speed is controlled with a smartphone (Android) using the Blynk app and an HC-06 Bluetooth module.

I charge the battery on the device with some inductive charging coils that I purchased from Seeed Studio. These seem to work very well for this project and other projects in the past.

I have designed a sealed enclosure to house the Pro Mini, HC-06, motor, battery, and other passive components (transistor, additional resistors, etc.).

There is no power switch on the device because the device will be getting splashed with a great deal of water, and I did not want to risk water intrusion. So the device never powers down unless it runs out of power. Up until now, I do not believe that I have allowed the battery voltage to become depleted. By the way, this is a proof-of-concept design to test the motor, different vibration amplitudes (using PWM), and the BT control from a smartphone.

Up until yesterday, the device worked flawlessly. And then it just stopped working. I did not change any software or hardware. NOTHING CHANGED!

Then it occurred to me that just maybe there is an issue with BROWN OUT (or BROWNOUT or BOD) detection. I have never dealt with this issue before. Is it possible that the battery fell below a certain voltage and the code that I flashed to the Pro Mini became corrupted? Can brownout destroy the Pro Mini?

I have researched how to change the low, high, and extended fuses using avrdude.exe. I installed this software, but I cannot find a single tutorial or document that shows how to read the fuses to determine the current state and how to modify the fuse settings.

Can anybody provide me with some advice on this matter?

Can I modify the fuses via the serial monitor or using Putty? Or cmd window running avrdude.exe? I have no idea.


You need a device programmer to change the fuses. That could be a second arduino...

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