Brown stuff leaking from bottom of breadboard

Hi guys,
I have just noticed a brown sticky substance coming out from under my breadboard that is stuck to a plastic enclosure. The top of the breadboard looks clean, no brown substance present. It has been hot lately and it has been sitting in the sun for a period. Does anyone know what the brown sticky substance might be?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

That would be bug entrails from debugging your project :slight_smile:

Seriously I have never seen any brown material in my solderless breadboards and I've had the back of or a few.
Visually one would think solder flux but that wouldn't "flow" at room temperature (even in the sun)

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Someone spilled coffee or coke on your breadboard.


… or rust, board got wet in flooding etc during packaging, shipping etc. Shake dry…

Sent on its way, then over time, the drips trapped in the crevices decided to escape.

I’m guessing it came from a reputable hobby manufacturing source?

Leaky cap?  Melted adhesive/double-sided sticky tape which holds the breadboard in place?

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What is holding the breadboard in place?... Did you install it?

It's probably the adhesive from the double sided foam tape that is the bottom of most breadboards.

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sorry for my late reply! Thanks! I think it's the breadboard adhesive as it has been sunny lately. Thanks!

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