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Has anyone noticed how the forum's "new" search capability has the annoying habit of frequently "trapping" the ctrl-f when you really want to use the browser's inherit search capability?

Look, if I want to use the Arduino Forum search feature, I'll type my search terms in that little box or click the 3 horizonal lines to get Advanced Search. But, leave ctrl-f alone, it means I want the browser to do the searching.

Yes something similar here with Safari on the iPad.

Have to close Safari then open it again.

This "feature" is really annoying. I realise that with a long topic that the browser search only searches part of it but I still would like to be able to do it

A discussion in 2014 Discourse taking over Ctrl-F - #22 by Nition - feature - Discourse Meta ended with the amazing statement

we only take over CTRL F when we have no other choice but to do so.

There may be later discussions but I did not look

Win 10 bottom left of home screen search is temperamental i.e doesn't work for reasons best known to MS

Here's how the ctrl + F shortcut works:

  • press ctrl + F once on a topic with 20+ posts activates the site search
  • press ctrl + F twice on a topic with 20+ posts activates the browser search
  • press ctrl + F on a topic with -20 posts activates the browser search
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Great. Thanks.

Typing in the search box on an iPad screen does find the item you are looking for. (Using Search this topic)

However the search box gets obscured by text and you cannot do a second search until you close the browser and restart it.

For a long topic add /print after the topic number in the URL, and remove the post number.
i.e. this one becomes:

It will trigger the browser/OS printing dialog, after dismissing that you can search freely the whole topic.
Here is an example with a huge topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Search feature on iPad screws up:

As mentioned, you now have to close the browser and reopen it to get things displayed properly again.

Oh yes, on iPad there is a noticeable overlap of items in the custom search bar that shouldn't be there. We will fix this in the next few hours.

The issue on iPad should be fixed.

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Thanks going to you and the other staff !

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