Browser to Arduino communication via USB issues, Videos Included

My setup is a locally running Website using chrome, on a Windows computer. I would like to send and receive data to and from an Arduino connected via a Windows 10 computers USB port and sent to the browser on that machine running my basic website.

I have been following this tutorial:

However, once I have the node server up and running the HTML file does not load the JavaScript file called for in the header by

Video 1:

This shows my ability to access the JavaScript File in the HTML header, as expected , while not running a node web server.

video 2:

This shows that I cannot access the JavaScript file in the same HTML header once running on the server. It also shows the node server running , processing running , the Arduino has the sketch, baud rate is 9600 on both and my Arduino is on COM3, it shows the same file structure as above. Why is my HTML or myself unable to access the JavaScript file once it is being ran on the server?

Are there any other methods of communicating both ways with Arduino via Chrome browser on Windows 10 on USB?