Browser's "back" button/function broken ?


I just found out that the “back” button in my browser doesn’t work as i’m used to.
When i am in a sub forum and want to go back to the forum index where i was before entering the sub, i will now end up on top of the forum index.

So let’s assume i’ll go back from this “Website and Forum” to the index, i used to see the Website and Forum section in the centre of my browser, and could scroll up or down from there to the next section of my interest.

But now i’ll end op back on top, and have to remember where i was and scroll there.
Not a big problem, but a nuisance it is.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with any of the recent tweaks.

Hmm, now it was back to what i’m used to.
Anybody fiddling with the forum software right now by any chance ?

If I click the BACK button in my Opera browser it takes me from here to the Website and Forum section - as normal.


I often get bounced back to the forum index, even though I’ve clicked on “Updated Topics”.

I often get bounced back to the forum index,

That also happens to me from time to time. It seems to be a random fault - I have not noticed that it is tied to a specific action on my part.


I understood that it was an authentication problem.

Now it's becoming a problem.

I was composing an answer to a question with photos.
Usually i could click a photo and display it in some viewer without a page reload or something.
That worked about 8 times, clicking all photos and the useful ones once again.
But then, while almost done with my post, checking my content to the photos, i ended up in the forum index again.
Browser is up to date Firefox, and these problems are new to me.

Now i can start over with that answer, hoping there is a draft i can use.

So clicked my avatar to find any drafts, and guess where i ended up.
Seriously, this no longer qualifies as just a nuisance.
By the way, there are just the 1st. 2 lines of said post in the draft.
I can start all over again with it.

Have you looked at this recent Thread?


I have, and because i participated in that thread i’ll see any updates too.
I linked to the follow up thread in the 1st post here and i’m following both threads but haven’t seen any reaction relating to this problem.
I’m wondering if that solution has triggered this problem though.

I often get bounced back to the forum index, even though I’ve clicked on “Updated Topics”.

This has been seen and was reported last week.
I would expect them to get back to it in the coming week as there are a couple of outstanding issues.

I seem to be experiencing the "bounce back to forum index" effect more and more often over the past couple of days. It is happening particularly when I click the Alerts and Updated Topics links


Just hit “post” control for a reply to another topic, got bounced to “start a new topic”


I was answering this Dutch post, with its 6 photos.
After writing my answer, but before posting, i clicked one of the photos to see my answer was accurately describing what was visible in those photos.
I cant tell any more which of those photos i clicked.
I expected my browser to ask how to handle that click, save the file or open it with...
Instead i instantly found myself out in this forum's hallway, right next to the entrance.
Most of my answer was gone (just a few lines were retrievable from a draft), most annoying when you try to carefully compose messages, checking and proofreading each and everyone of them.

So First 2 of your questions can be answered following the link, last 2 answers are "no".