Brushed vs Brushless rc car motor compatibility with Arduino

My current setup is with a Brushless motor and ESC. I understand a lot of the main differences between the two as far such as faster speed, more efficient, more expensive, etc for brushless. My current challenge is my ESC and motor are not running well with my Arduino. Ive used the proper calibration and tried a bunch of other ways to calibrate it but I just can’t seem to get it to work. It will go at one speed(crazy fast) and in one direction. I would like it to go forward and reverse and variable speed. Is it possible for brushless to ease into it slowly or does it just go from zero to 100mph no matter what. I believe the rapid starts are part of the problem messing with my compass readings and a gradual start would do it good.

I’ve read that brushed is easier to control with an Arduino but I’m not sure if it will be able to use an rc car brushed motor. I ordered the L298N H bridge but all the videos Ive seen use brushed motors with small wires. I don’t want this going slow all the time just off the start and the typical rc car brushed motors have weird big wires unlike the typical dc motor wires.

Hopefully someone here has experience in a successful venture between these two and if so I’d love to hear any recommendations.

What esc are you using? what are it's specs?



What's this for? A quadcopter? A car? What's the motor for? What motors? What ESC? What code? Maybe the issue is in the code?

Its for an rc car.

The ESC is

The motor is

Ive tried everything I could think of using the write microseconds and all kinds of numbers from 0-2000
and servo write i believe was the other from 0-180 or 250 i think I tried once. Forgive my vagueness on that its been a few months since I tried calibrating it as I’ve just left it as is and gave it a lower piñon gear to slow it down some. I believe this specific ESC just doesn’t work well with arduino or maybe all are like that. It works fine when I calibrate and use it with a remote control though but even with that it isn’t really able to go slow.

Im kind of rambling but in the grand scheme of things would you recommend a brushless motor over this?

The instruction manual shows it’s control connected to a standard RC receiver…

so try connecting it to a digital output which can suport PWM.

Then use Analog.write to drive it.

127 should be stop, >127 variable to full speed in one direction, < 127 the same in the other…

give it a try