Brushless Motor and arduino

Hi I am trying to get a brushles motor to work with arduino. From what I can understand RC people a ESC to take PWM then use it to control a brushless motor. But I want to make my own ECE and in the end interface it with arduino. How do i go about doing it, I want to basically hook it up to arduino then use PWM to control the motor. I only need to go forward with it, basically ramp up and down with the motor. I can etch PCBs and understand electronics decently, otherwise I am not sure where to look on how to go about doing this.

Thanks, Josh M

Just google:- brushless motor esc schematic

lots of schematics.

The heavy lifting for circuit design has already been done on the Quadcopter, here’s the quadcopter ESC is an Atmega 8 driving this MOSFET array with a voltage divider system that senses the back-emf for timing

All that’s left is to verify that the ATMega8 pins will match up to your Arduino implementation and the writing of the code to properly sequence the bridge array and read the feedback for proper timing…

you can use a device like this

Thanks for the information.
I’m not very experienced with all of this and usually the more complex the more of a chance of messing up.
I do want to do more complex projects but for now seeing the complexity of a DIY ESC I think purchasing one might be wise
If I were to go with buying a cheap ECE I’m assuming I can use it with my arduino?
I’m assuming follow this and I should get this to work?