Brushless Motor Encoder Read?


I have this a MegaMo SY3056

And beside the cables that are connected to the ESC i have thses encoder cables:

How can i read this encoder? and what values do i get?

Can i know the absolut position of the motor ?

According to the manual you are referring to, the motor has output from hall sensors.

This is a kind og BL known as sensored BL, as opposed to sensorless BL.

In a sensorless BL you are using the current pulses that the motor is producing while running to control the ESC , while in a sensored BL you are using hall elements to do the job, it's much like a rotary encoder.

So buttomline you cannot use it to tell the absolute position, but maybe to tell the RPM.

I would guees you could read the pulses like any other hall effect sensor.