Brushless motors - small delay before activating

Motors : A2212 , 1000KV ESC's : 30A ESC

When I send a command to my motors they have a small delay (like half a second or even bigger). Because of this delay is almost impossible for me to create a code for my drone to auto-stabilize. Can someone tell me what is causing this delay and how to fix it? My esc's are calibrated to work between 700 and 2000 ms.

Sounds like your ESC is poorly programmed - certainly not suitable for a drone, needs reflashing or reprogramming. I believe the place to ask about this in on a forum dedicated to multirotor craft, not here so much...

Are these the same esc's you got a few months ago?

They should not have that big of a delay even in stock setup. There may be something else wrong with the code.

This thread will have lots of info on flashing.

Be careful flashing these esc's. They are NOT the same as the Blueseries / Turnigy 30a. The top n-fets on your particular esc are driven by two transistors and the signal is inverted from the single transistor design of those others. Instant smoke if you flash the wrong target. The Hobbywing 30a is the target that should match yours. Don't flash until you verify using info from that thread. If you can't figure it out take a couple high res pictures of your esc with the shrink tube and heat spreader removed and we can determine what it is.