Brushless Motors

Can someone please tell me how to use brushless motors with Arduino and where to buy the parts needed?

Brushless motors use a special 3-phase AC current. They are usually controlled by an ESC (electronic speed controller). They are commonly used in high-end rc cars and most rc aircraft. The Servo library (comes standard with arduino) can control the esc's. Some rc sites:

Some brushless motors have an ESC built in, i.e., computer fans.

Thnx a lot guys

There are indeed several classes of brushless motor.

The ones for RC models are extremely high-current and can only be driven with appropriate ESCs made for the job, expect currents in the 10 to 100A range. They cannot run slowly as they are sensorless and rely on back-EMF sensing to commutate.

The ones with hall sensors for commutation are common in general engineering use, and require a controller to handle the commutation and PWM. Many have servo capability with optional encoders, these are usually expensive (many $100), not really seen in hobbyist environment as a result.

Small specialist brushless motors occur in DC cooling fans, hard disk drive spindle motors and similar, in particular the fans have built-in controllers and just take DC power (some have speed feedback and control). Aquarium pumps are similar to this, you just provide 12V (or whatever).

BLDC = "brushLess DC"