BT/BLE Connection with devices or apps


it is more a general question: How do I make proper use of the onboard BT/BLE (NINA-W102) with my RP2040?

All libraries I can find are either for an external HC-05/HC-06, an USB shield with Dongle or an ESP32.

Example1: I want to connect a PS3 controller. The libs either support only ESP32 or are set up to work with an UNO + USB Shield + Dongle.

Example 2: I would like to control a robot via an off the shelf app. I found Lofi Control, Dabble, ArduinoBlue etc - all of them aim for an external HC-05/HC-06 module or an ESP32. Writing my own BLE app is of course an option - but not the one I am looking for.

Do you know any way how to "adjust" to the onboard module and make use of the existing libraries? Any literature/site you could recommend?

Thanks a lot!

Hi! At the moment the only Official BLE library we have is this that can be used with all the arduino boards with the nina module. The reference is here.

Starting from here you can try to add support for this funny things you asked for :slight_smile:

Thanks! I managed to connect to "nRF Connect".

Does anyone have any code examples on the swift/Xcode side on how to connect? The ones i found I could make work with an ESP, not yet with the RP2040 though. I used the BLEDevice.h / BLEUtils.h and BLEServer.h libs on the ESP side - in case it helps anyone else :slight_smile:

Does anyone know any simple control app (for a driving robot) which works with the ArduinoBLE lib and does not require a external HC-5/HC-6/HM-10 module?
Most of the apps I found work with SoftwareSerial.h which does not work on the BLE Nanos.


I made it work with the tutorial I sent above which worked for the ESP already. The trick was: turn the app off and on again :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you know a control app - it would be really cool.

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