BT blues

I got 2 of 3 BT top modules up! my only stumbling block so far is the below function. My code, btw, is fully listed and show in vivid detail in my profile URL. No secrets.
I find learning who the below works to be hard, lacking documentation… (no shortage of research on my part)
1: "while (blueToothSerial.available() <= 0); " (edited today) I did learn after long practice this does lockup. when empty. so is bad practice and is in like most examples I see on line…

When using complex serial comm’s. things ,can go wrong end to end. (ground wont be one!)
A: RF noise/or Vehicle noise,(many ways). The BT drops you ,or there are missing characters in the stream. end to end.
B: My transmitted char, is garbled and the response. is only ? or nothing… (5 translators end to end.“ECU>ELM>BT>BT>MCU” Lots of fun here. no?)
C: In my special case, the remote BT drops off line, on some cars because, the ECU on many old cars, drop connection after a while, so newer cars and newer modules , use a keep alive mode in the BT module to keep the comm.'s up. My design will work in both cases, all cases. and do something predictable. (keep it going and working or show what happened, eg ERR #1…)

I was hoping of flow charts or other tools for serial comm, functions. I can see that is my job, now. :fearful:

I have 2 tools that help me an 0-scope (DSO) and a home made serial logic analyzer I’m retired and no longer have my HP. 1640, (that i loved)

i see you have one, here. nice

I just hate infinite loops. I find them and end them. (remember RT11?)

Show your code.
Look at the Serial example for how .available() works. But as far as i can tell, your code will only loop when there is data avalaible.

The function does not time out, it returns immediately with the number of characters ready to be read. If you fix it to wait for data to be available, it will loop forever wating for data.

I don't know if english is not your first language, but your posting style is hard to read.

My code, btw, is fully listed and show in vivid detail in my profile URL.

Why not just post it in here instead of forcing us to visit your website?

Thanks for the no time out, rule. after all, communicating from mCU out to remote, BT and other MCU, one can drop characters (RF noise.?etc) so, I put in traps for that, hanging software is not my style.
and no thank,s for the insult. mr, fire and ice , huh? "how does looking down the the nose, work face to face?")

... what? Can you try that again? Perhaps with complete sentences and proper punctuation?

what? Can you try that again? Perhaps with complete sentences and proper punctuation?

please don't post to me, you are a grammer nazi. so, im gone.

did your mom not teach you to , "if not something good to say, say nothing?" who made you GOD?

Why try to help, if in your heart you really, only are only here to build your EGO.? get a life !

A grammar Nazi is someone who corrects the smallest of mistakes, like the incorrect usage of your/you're. If it was a small mistake, I wouldn't have pointed it out. The problem is that when there are so many mistakes that it makes what you are trying to say incomprehensible. You want help (I presume, since you made a post). You need to be able to effectively communicate with others in order to get that help. If English is your second language, then say so, so we can recommend possibly another section of these forums or Google translate.