Bt control lcd menu

Hello, I need some guidance.

I've been using arduino quite some time now, but never actually wrote a sketch. For a project I am using a sketch with can be programmed by a lcd shield. Is it possible to have an android app taking over the function of the lcd shield via Bluetooth, so menu's can get displayed on Android device? Can I just replace lcd.print? Is there a tutorial that covers this matter? Basically I want to remote control the arduino because It will be placed in a 'hard to get to' place and I really want to use the sketch I'm using right now.



Ditalles: I really want to use the sketch I'm using right now.

Not likely, but nobody will know, because the sketch is evidently a secret.

You are right here are the files

mE_camera.ino (3.95 KB)

mE_core.ino (5.28 KB)

mE_eeprom.ino (10.3 KB)

mE_keys.ino (4.18 KB)

mE_motor.ino (10.6 KB)

mE_program.ino (6.99 KB)

mE_ui_content.ino (37.2 KB)

mE_ui.ino (25.6 KB)

miniE.ino (22.3 KB)

Have a look at Blynk. Requires Internet access for the Arduino and phone or a private server. It is very easy to set up.