BT range insufficient

I wanted to use the bluetooth board for a wireless project but it seem the distance range is not large enough. The computer stops receving data after 10 meters and a closed door. I need to send data from about 20 meters and through a brick wall. Is this possible? Is there any way to amplify the bt signal? What to do... Any help appreciated!

I've read somewhere the BT could have a range of 100 meter (

The maximum rated range of wireless devices is a really shakey number. You should trust used car salesman more than that number. I’ve heard a general rule of thumb that bluetooth doesn’t normally work at ranges higher than 10M. Heck, I’ve seen bluetooth headsets for cellphones that have trouble receiving at 2m. There are tons of factors that influence the signal range so it’s impossible to say how far is too far.

My guess is that you really want to be using a zigbee device instead of bluetooth. It’s range is generally better.