BT Serial device


I have set up a BT serial port to my Arduino. I tried to search and pair from my Mac and all went OK. I then used ZTerm to send some AT commands as a test but when it connects all I get is an infinite loop of 255. Any ideas what I have done wrong?

Which BT device did you connect to the Arduino? Using what wiring (photo)? What code did you use (post the full code and use the code tags, [ # ] button in the editor)?

I have not done any code yet. I am just trying to send some AT commands in order to test that the device is working. I am using the Mac for this. My device is:

This is my first project, so is any code needed just for sending AT commands? I don't plan to process them yet with Arduino.

I have not done any code yet.

How do you send the AT commands then? The device has no USB interface to talk to it directly from the Mac.

I am using ZTerm to send commands from my Mac to the BT module.

But how do you connect the module then? The Mac does neither have that 4-pin connector nor a serial interface and most of the USB connectors are running RS232 and not TTL level.

It is connected to the Arduino and draws power from there, I have also connected the TX/RX to the Arduino but I am not testing that part yet just sending commands to the bluetooth. I pair the device with the mac using bluetooth, connect via Zterm but after that I cannot do anything.

I was reading more about it and I found out that you cannot send AT commands while connected via bluetooth and I think that is my problem. I got rid of the 255 loop and now I just connect but then nothing happens. I will try and program the Ardunio and send commands via the serial interface and see what output I get.