BTS 7960 (IBT -2) not working if VCC is connected to 5V supply.

I bought a BTS 7960 (IBT-2) motor driver,

I'm just trying to turn the motor clockwise and anti clockwise based on the serial input 1 or 2 for a delay of 100ms.

It works when VCC and ground pins of the driver are not connected to anything.

but when VCC is connected to vin or 5v of arduino, It shows no signs of life.

Should I connect Vcc and Gnd pins of the driver?

Or the driver is fault?

Nobody got answers? :cry:

Well, nobody knows how you have the BTS 7960 connected to the Arduino or the motor connected to the BTS 7960.

Use a separate power supply for the motors, and connect the grounds.

Please read and follow the directions in the How to use this forum post.

Have you looked at the datasheet, attached?
In particular page 5.
Can you post a copy of your code please?
Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?

Tom… :slight_smile:

BTS7960 Motor Driver (1).pdf (1.07 MB)