Bts7960 and potentiometer feedback geared motor noob frustration

Hello forum! First post, so i hope I'm not totally in the wrong here. I've don't a ton of searching and kind of come up empty handed, or at least brained. I've done all the basic programs in the book but don't find myself prepared for the next jump.

I've been working on an extremely elaborate stereo for my car for about a year. I'll spare you the details but i'm a former pro musician and this is the audio system I've been working on in my head since the 90s. The DSPs are controlled by a macbook thats installed in the back, which needs a screen. I don't like having screens always visible, so I built a mechanism to rotate a 7" HD into the dash, and hide it with mechanized covers.

The motor is a worm-gear driven assembly with integrated potentiometer which is used in the exhaust of a sport bike. The motor is plenty strong to deploy the screen (when controlled by an h-bridge switch) to deploy the screen in about a second. It's a very cool rig, but I'm struggling programming it. The servos are obviously very easy, but the big motor is totally not making sense.

After a year of fighting with this project, pretty much alone, I need some help. I just don't get the error interpolation I keep finding in other codes (I have a phil. degree. Mercy my arts and letters!) I get enabling the channels, I get the PWM, I just don't get how the pot and the error code and the arduino are supposed to interact. I'd just pay for the code at this point: this project has taken wayyyyyy too much of my time.

SO! The sequence is: check for state of switch, run a servo, run another servo, open the screen with the BTS and motor, and then park the servos, and slightly different backwards to hide. I can figure out the servo code but not the damnable BTS.

thank you very much. This is the last hassle of this project!

Please read #7 and the rest below. Post the code you are trying to use. Have you tried to get the BTS7960 to function by itself? Bottom is a discussion concerning the BTS7960.,148850.0.html