BTS7960 and regenerative braking for hybrid powered bicycle

Hello all, I'm relatively new to arduino use, I've built a few small contraptions using the basic Uno and stepper, shield and A4988 driver, triggered by an IR proximity avoidance sensor for one, and another using an IR motion sensor and triggering a short audio recording on an ISD1820, both of those projects I just took monkey-see-monkey-do and did a minimum of program edits to make each work. My new project is a 'hybrid' gas/electric bicycle and I am searching for methods to control the electric motor, I don't remember the exact specifics of the motor off the top of my head, but it is a servo motor (approximately 150mm long and approximately 80mm diameter) rated for 24vdc, and I want to use the BTS7960 in the 'forward' drive mode as just a standard speed control, but when the potentiometer is moved to the fully decel position, I want the H bridge to activate my separate charge controller and bms circuit, allowing the motor to run as a generator. Where the 'hybrid' functionality comes into play, is that I will have a gasoline engine connected to the rear wheel completely separate from the electric drive, and will utilize a second throttle, which can then allow me to use the gas engine at the exact same time as the electric motor, for better acceleration when needed, or not at all, operating strictly electric, or using strictly gasoline power, which would also be charging the battery pack, using the electric motor in generator mode.
My questions are will the BTS7960 suffice for this application or is there a more suitable cost effective alternative? And what will I need to do from a hardware perspective to get the H bridge to divert power to the charge controller, as opposed to direct to the battery?
Any input on the project is welcome, AFAIK this is uncharted territory, so I'm open to suggestion if you see any part of this plan that needs work.

Have you looked at the datasheet for the module and the chip in detail?

Having experience of reverse current for breaking action on 4 - 8 ton fork lift trucks I ask if You intend to have fully working brakes doing this by reversing current into a charger? As a guidline I would say that such a charger must have a capacity of a magnitude as the maximum acceleration current to be useful. Using other breaks..., please feel free and charge as much as the controller manages.

I’ve not looked at a data sheet yet, and I don’t have all the hardware yet, just trying to get a list of things that could work in theory, and get the project fully planned out before I pull the trigger. I would not be opposed to using the regen braking to a full stop when applicable, but would also like to have a single disk brake on the bike as well for security (in case something shorted out) purposes as well as emergency braking situations. For my larger all-electric street motorcycle I have a massive forklift motor and a Curtis controller, which is programmable and has built in regenerative braking circuit, but I wanted to keep the bicycle project more budget oriented, open source, lighter weight, and smaller.

After looking a bit, I think the BTS7960 will be quite a bit too small, and I will need to use something more like an IGBT.

I remenver the brand Curtis controllers. Think they were used on walk by lifters.
Having built in regen braking is a huge favour.
As I remember the braking action got smaller and smaller the less the speed got so mech brakes were neefed for the final stooping.

Yeah, Curtis controllers are the industry standard but I kinda want the learning experience of a more DIY open source method for this smaller hybrid bike. My bigger, strictly electric, street bike I am building I intend to use a Curtis control from a golf cart, at 72v peak. The small one is only going to be 24v peak and 49cc 2-stroke gas engine, as well as coaster pedal power available when needed.

Cutis devices are intended for the manufactoring industri and probably cost money.
The trams from the 1960 used resistors downloading the generator running motors during braking. Not interesting today.
Unless any helper has good knowledge about breaking using recharging You have some research to do. One question would be how much peak current the battories can take during intence charging.