BTS7960 with Potentiometer and UNO to control 12v servo

Hi there, I have a Arduino UNO, a BTS7960, potentiometer and 12v windscreen wiper motor. The potentiometer senses where the motor output shaft is. Does anyone have a code which will work for this

What is a "BTS7960"? Please post a link to its datasheet.

If you want to make your motor behave like a servo you will need to use PID control. There is an Arduino PID library and there is a simple PID function in this link


Think it's a H-bridge Robin.

Op might be easy to rip the guts out of a cheap servo and go from there.

There are videos on youtube of "giant servos" made from windshield wiper motors that may provide some info. I would not worry much about the PID unless the servo tends to hunt at its commanded position. have you made any code yet that does simple pwm to an arduino pin?