BTTF Time Circuit Alarm Clock


I know next to nothing about Arduinos but really keen to learn and suspect my plans of building a BTTF inspired time circuit alarm clock is pretty ambitious first project... Below is a link to what I want to reproduce...

They have been done, but non have ever released enough information to build one from scratch and so I embark on my journey!

How hard is this for a complete nivice willing to learn? Do libraries of code exist for this functionality?

I'd like to configure so the top line is say current time, the middle alarm time and the 3rd still TBC... All programmed through a key pad...

Can anyone point me in the right direction on tutorials as to relevant project even if it is only for part of this build? E.g controlling 14 segment leds via a key pad etc...

Any help us appreciated.

There is the physical build and the programming.

On the software front you will almost certainly fail if you try to do everything at once.

Get a keypad and write a sketch that just prints out what key was pressed.
Then get one row of LEDs and learn how to print to them.

Make sure you understand about the delay() and millis() functions.

Next spend a lot of time thinking about the user interface and how you will use the keypad to control the device.
Program it, with lots of print statemetns in the code to help debugging.

You will not get a library that covers the detail of a project. You might find somebody who has posted details of their project but then you would just blindly copying somebody else. Much better to build things up yourseld step by step.

Swing for the fences!!!

There's an old(er) article on the Adafruit site that lists the parts for a BTTF time circuit.

There's also a link to the BTTF sketch at the bottom of the article.

Not sure where to find/build a 1.21 gigawatt power source.

My first Arduino project was to make Mjolnir come alive with lightning (bright LEDs) and thunder (2 x 3W speakers). It took awhile, but I eventually got it. My Instructable

Good luck!

Thanks for the response guys and the direction.

Very cool project you built there survey ranger.

Here's hoping I can find the time to. Make. It all. Work.

Below is a link

No, mate, that's just a pasted-in web address. This is a link. You can click it.