Budget RGB strip to useable DMX data

I wanting a little bit of advice , my original idea was hacking a standard rgb strip with remote and psu / controller like rgb strip remote - Google Search

use an arduino to get and respond from the remote codes with an ir sensor then use software to create the chases / pattern / floods etc through a dmx shield and send dmx data to a set of 4 proper dmx light (par lights)

I now wondering if it possible to get the output of the strip light output data and then have the arduino monitor it and then just convert the output to dmx saving the programming and also will teach me a bit more about dealing with external modules and signals

My electronics knowledge is pretty basic but have a good understanding of software.

Is my concept viable as I not sure how the strips microcontroller works, but understand that the LED r,g,b outputs will be increase of current on each channel to create dimming and colour mixing.

Open for discussion and any possible sources of learning


IMO - It's easier to start-over with something known & documented than to "hack" something unknown.

a standard rgb strip

I'd consider a "standard" RGB strip to be one where all of the red LEDs operate together, all of the blue LEDs operate together, and all of the green LEDs operate together. That kind of LED strip is can be controlled with 3 MOSFET drivers or 3 relays, etc.

Addressable LED strips (with every LED and every color individually controllable) such as NeoPixels (WS2812) or DotStars have the drivers built-into each LED so they just require one or two control signals out of the Arduino. [u]Adafruit[/u] is probably your best resource for wiring, controlling, and programming NeoPixels.

You'll have to research the DMX stuff separately.

There could be timing issues combining the two with one processor because NeoPixels are software intensive and the timing is critical. The Arduino could alternate between addressing the NeoPixels and sending DMX commands but you might have trouble receiving a DMX command while sending-out data to the Neopixels.

Hi Doug thanks for your input.
You are probably right about going the long way round.

I have just found out a bit more info about the rgb strip from LED and multiplexing section of the community today.

dimming 12 V RGB LED strip using processing - #14 by PaulRB - LEDs and Multiplexing - Arduino Forum where if I read correctly the output of the control will be spread over the seperate R, G and B output wires , which is running at 5v @ a set frequency (500mhz) on each channel to reduce the brightness you reduce the cycles (250mhz for 50% dimming etc)

The problem I have is not having a scope, I cant visually see this and never worked with pmw monitoring with arduino...but seen I should be able to get duty cycle and frequency with a widely available pmw library just need to get the voltage at the same time and hopefully convert it and pass it to rs485 chip as a dmx signal.

Do you know if I can read 3 separate signal as input signal and get a pwm frequency data and the voltage for each items individually ? (or will i need something to expand the arduino inputs)

I am slowly getting there I think lol !