Buffer overflow problem!!!

Hi Arduino community,

I've recently bought an esp8266 Wi-Fi module and tested ît with the Blink app for android to remotely control some projects from my smartphone and arduino uno. Anyways, it works fine with the esp8266 module, I always check on the serial monitor and it connects successfully to my Wi-Fi network and the Blynk server, I can control LEDs with switches that come with the Blynk app for android (for those who don't know Blynk yet) but when I use a slider to control a 180° servo motor, the serial monitor will print "[random numbers] Buffer overflow" several times then resets the connection to the server for like ten seconds and goes the process again, it connects to Blynk's server and the same problem happens again when using it. Any help is much appreciated! Please!

Link to Blynk webpage: www.blynk.cc