Buffering outsending data


I work on a project of emission and reception of data in real time I use two arduino uno cards equipped with a TP-LINK WR702N wifi module. The problem is that the buffer does not work in real time, it sends the information to the control part after a certain delay. I wanted to know is what you have a solution that allows me to corrupt the information in real time.

Thank you

The description of your setup is not complete. You need at least a network module on the UNO. Do you have an Arduino Ethernet Shield for the two UNOs?

You also need to provide a lot more information about what you are trying to do.

For example, what data are you sending?

  • What is sending the data?
  • What is receiving the data?
  • What buffer are you using?
  • How long is the delay between sending and receiving?
  • What would be an acceptable delay?

As you are using WiFi it seems likely that you are sending HTTP messages. HTTP is not intended for real-time control. Think how long it takes to download some web pages.