BUG - Arduino 101 EEPROM.h included more than once produces compile errors

If you
#include <EEPROM.h>
in more then one file, e.g. in the main sketch and in a library file or another .ino file
Then the compiler exits with errors like

Arduino15\packages\Intel\hardware\arc32\1.0.7\libraries\EEPROM\src/EEPROM.h:38: multiple definition of `CurieClear()’

due to EEPROM.h have method code in the header file.

Moving the methods to a EEPROM.cpp file and declaring them at the top of the EEPROM.h file seems to fix the problem.

Would you please release an update that fixes this problem.

I recommend you to submit a bug report for this issue here:

Or better yet submit a pull request with the desired changes to the repository:

The people in charge of maintaining the Intel Curie Boards package will most likely never see your post here on the forum.

Thanks. Will do.