Bug GetFileInformationByHandleEx not support complie on XP

Kennel XP not support GetFileInformationByHandleEx, leading to complie errors, in the update Arduino 1.8.10

In the windows XP, Arduino 1.8.9 complie good, no bug

Yeah, this has been reported a few times. 1.8.9 is latest version that works on xp, currently. I think they are planning to fix, though. We still seem to have a lot of users on xp.

Although it has been reported here on the forum quite a few times, I didn't find any reports of this issue in any of the bug trackers, so I'm not sure the Arduino developers are aware of the problem. If not, we're unlikely to see a fix, since they probably don't do any testing with XP.

I do like to see XP compatibility maintained. More and more these days, people are using tablets and phones instead of computers. If those were previously meeting all of someone's computing needs, they may find it hard to justify buying an expensive computer just for the sake of being able to try Arduino. But if you can run the IDE on a free or cheap old computer then there's not so much of a barrier to entry. Even if it's a little slow, it's good enough to get started with.

I was a bit surprised to see that Arduino isn't even providing Windows 7 support in the Arduino Pro IDE. Nor do they have plans to support 32 bit Windows anytime soon: https://github.com/arduino/arduino-pro-ide/issues/144 But as long as support for those operating systems remains in the regular Arduino IDE, that's really not a big problem.

@thuthuatdoday if you'd like to submit a bug report about this, you can do so here: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues


Not had any issues so far playing with the PRO / cli ide under win 7 x64. No longer have an x86 to play with so cannot speak to that regards.