Bug IDE Freezes after opening filedialog or messagebox


I'm using the windows version of the Arduino IDE (1.8.12 / 1.8.13)

There is a very annoying bug that freezes the IDE sometimes when i'm using it.

When I upload or compile a sktech and meanwile open a file dialog, or get a messagebox (eg for saving the file), after closing the dialog/msgbox the IDE-window isn't enabled anymore. (the sketch is uploaded to the MCC) but you can't enter the window anymore.

I did some tests with a tool called Wincatch to see the state of the IDE Window by the windows-handle. Here i see that the window-state is disabled, when I enable it with this tool, the IDE window works again.

Hi @Reinosoft. Would you mind providing an exact set of steps that could be used to reproduce the bug?

Hi Pert,

thanks for answering me.
I did some testing, and found out that the freezing has something to do with the update popup.

I reproduced the freeze by:

-opening the IDE
-wait for the “Updates available for some of your boards and libraries” popup (don’t close it)
-press CRTL-O to open the file dialog
-press ESC to close it

now the IDE window isn’t enabled anymore


I had/have the same problem, as a temporarily solution I disabled the update check in the settings. (The problem isn't solved yet, in the latest Nightly Build.)


Nightly builds may be considered BETA and contain bugs. Bugs in the nightly shoud preferable be reported on GITHUB. You may want to revert to one of the more stable releases.

@Reinosoft has now submitted a bug report: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/10325


Ver 1.8.13 here (but I've seen this going back some years now)

I think most are having this problem and I agree, it appears to be related to library scanning for updates. I do have "Check for updates on startup" disabled.

This "temp freeze" also seems to just happen randomly. I can literally do nothing for a long time, come back to IDE, click on it, it responds then goes right into "freeze." Of course, not all the time.

Then, it can be working just fine and I'll add some code and maybe it'll go into freeze mode again. I notice that it is reaching out to the internet, apparently looking for library updates again.

So I go into update libraries and update everything I use. Some work and now, some say, Invalid Library found in.... What's interesting in that, is the location that it points to is within my "projects folder." So I think IDE looks where it saves first to do updates or use libraries.

Then, I can work for hours without issue. This is the same no matter which computer I use.

But here's something and I THINK this may have something to do with it (for me, anyway). I don't save my sketches locally. I save them to my project drive on my server.

I have to wonder if there might be a lag, sometimes, and IDE is "waiting" for the drive to become available... even though if I go into Explorer, it's all there instantly.

I also use MS Access and it too uses that same network drive. Works a charm, but yes, there are times, after no activity for a while, that is can hesitate when trying to access the dB.

I think, here anyway, it's a microsoft thing. On the server, I do have the drives configured to never go to sleep. But... we are talking microsoft here. LOL

I just thought I'd add to this thread because clearly, this is an issue many are having and I'm hoping that with more information, that perhaps the devs might be able to finally locate the issue and if not fix it, at least identify and confirm it. If it turns out to be network lag then that's not IDE's problem.

Network / cloud drives are full of possible issues with not just the IDE but many other programs.

It is always better to keep the files truly local maybe not even on USB drives !

Moving sketchbook locations to a truly local fixed drive has sorted out a plethora of issues for lots of people.