Bug in Arduino IDE 1.0: "#" at end of line puzzles IDE

excuse me if this is a known bug:

If you add a "#" as the last character of a source code line in the Arduino IDE, then the line begins to blink (!) and the rest of the source code dissapears from the screen. Also, the IDEs code throws an exception.
This won't work for all lines of a source file, but for about two thirds of them.
And it only works with the character "#".

How to reproduce:
Open any source file
position the cursor at the end of an existing line
enter "#" (without the double quotes)
line begins to blink and rest of source code disappears

Arduino IDE 1.0
Win7 64 Bit (German)

Since #'s at the end of lines are not part of the C++ syntax, it won't bother me much. Just found it to be a rather "interesting" bug.


I can't reproduce the problem. Would you mind posting a test sketch?

Well, I can. This sounds exactly like the problem I described here:

However no resolution. No comment from the developers. Nothing.

it's exactly the same bug that Nick mentioned, also the java diagnostics are the same.

A sample sketch is not necessary: On my PC, it even works with the blink example sketch or a totally empty file.

Oddly enough, this starts to appear today, although I work with Arduino IDE 1.0 since quite a long time.
The new 1.01 version of the IDE has the same bug.

Obviously it has something todo with syntax highlighting (see java error msgs).
Even though I'm using additional libraries like IRremote, with their own keywords.txt file, I assume that these can not have any influence when working with an empty sketch or the blink eaxmple, where all those libraries are not used.

My java runtime version is 1.6.0_21


Now I found out where the problem comes from:
It was in fact the keyword.txt file of the logging library (Arduino Playground - HomePage).

I had to replace the tabs in the comment lines with spaces in that file.
Apperently the keyword.txt of libraries are loaded into the IDE although the respective libraries are not used.

An interesting bug!


Reported here: