Bug in arduino-ide with java-6 on linux(ubuntu)

Hi, there seems to be a problem running the arduino-ide on ubuntu.

In the editor all menu-shortcuts like Ctrl-x Ctrl-v Ctrl-f are not handled correctly when the software is run with Java-Version-6 on ubuntu 7.10 (Feisty Fawn).

The action from the menu is performed as expected, but after that the key for the command is printed in the editor. Example: I mark a line in the Editor; I hit Ctrl-X; The line is removed, but the letter 'x' is printed into that line.

This affects all commands-sequences you call from the keyboard. (Ctrl-f for find brings up the search-dialog, but also inserts the letter 'f' into the code.) Selecting the same commands directly from the menu with the mouse does not bring up the error.

I suspect the processing.app.syntax.JEditTextArea has to be updated to be compatible with Java-6.

The error goes away if I downgrade my JavaRuntime to Version 5.

The error exists (at least) on both Version 0007 and 0008 of the ide.