BUG in Create Compiler


I found when sketch uploaded from Create, the PWM frequency is too low compared to offline editor/compiler. See the code below.

The Offline version had no visible flickering, but the Create version flickered visibly, maybe 10Hz or so.

The board is Nano 33 BLE Sense.

Thanks, Tawen

void setup() { pinMode(11,OUTPUT); // LED on pin 11 analogWrite(11,128); }

void loop() { }

Passed along to the dev team.

They think they know the cause and are investigating.


Thanks so much, Bob.

Attached is a oscilloscope shot. This is for analogWrite(11,128). Looks like the duty cycle is spot on, just the frequency is kind of low: 30.72Hz vs 490Hz per the documentation on analogWrite().

The core for arduino:mbed, which contains Arduino Nano 33 BLE was upgraded, so now the frequency should be fine. Could you check please?

Works now! Thanks so much!