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How do we report a bug?

Details are in:

If you refer to the math.h conflict with the round macro in wiring.h, that has been reported.

Here are my posts on that issue:

For Arduino bug reports

For avr-libc bug reports

Edit: Please add a comment to that report if you have any additional information on the bug and fix.

Much appreciated.

Is the solution for now simply to comment out that line in wiring.h?

// #define round(x) ((x)>=0?(long)((x)+0.5):(long)((x)-0.5))

That is the fix. I am not sure why that macro was in the wiring.h file. The declaration and function for round() has always been in math.h as far back as I remember.

FYI: If you get a "no declaration for round" error in delay.h after the change, you might want to try fixing that also.

Add the "#include <math.h>" to delay.h as described in that post.

Do you mean that I should just do the two fixes:

<#include <math.h> to line 44 of delay.h
which I have in C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\util\delay.h


just comment out that line in wiring.h

Or is there more?


That is it. No recompile of the compiler or anything, except recompile your sketch once the edits are complete. All the bugs I have found so far were all run time errors. My version is running great.

There is an ethernet problem with Arduino V0022. This is also a run time error. You can fix it with nothing more than a text editor.

Maybe I'll skip the ethernet fix since I'm not using it.. Hopefully .23 will have fixed it by time I need it.

Thanks for the Solution SurferTim.I was able to rectify the bug.