BUG?: Serial Monitor blocks upload

Hey gang,
This afternoon I had an Uno connected via USB and a few IDE 2.0 windows open (testing different sets of code for the same device). In one of the IDE windows, I had left the serial monitor running. This blocked my ability to upload from one of the other IDE windows. I just kept getting an error message "error: Error: 2 UNKNOWN: uploading error: uploading error: exit status 1"

Once I closed the serial monitor, everything worked as expected. I never recall having this problem with IDE 1.x
My guess is that the instances of 2.0 don't talk to each other to inform when one is using the serial port.
Is that something that could be looked at? Or at least improve the error message when it happens, please?

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Hi @daxliniere. Thanks for taking the time to give the beta phase Arduino IDE 2.x a try!

This deficiency is being tracked here:

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Thanks @pert! :slight_smile:

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