BUG: Sketch has to be same name as folder


I've got 1.5.2 IDE and have found that the project file has to be the same name as the folder.

So for example:

project1 > alpha > alpha.ino <---- works OK Project1 > final > final.ino <---- works OK

Project1 > alpha > myproject.ino <---- doesn't work Project1 > final > myproject.ino <---- doesn't work

Can this be looked at please?

That's not new behavior, and it's not considered a bug. I think it's behavior inherited from "Processing" that no one can actually explain, and everyone is afraid to change. (probably: the IDE concatenates all of the .ino files rather than compiling them separately. Without the "main" ino file matching the project/directory name, it wouldn't know which one came first.)

Hmmm, still looks to be the case today.