bug when editing post...

i think there is a little bug here:
I canot post more blabla 10 minutes, because i'm new i guess, BUT
If i do a post, and then try to edit another message, i get the same message.
Note that i can do quick edit but not edit. The other way round it works ( editing then posting)

For instance here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=356036.0
the problem get solved so i posted the last message and then wanted to put the [SOLVED] tag in the title but had to wait 10minutes. If i had first edited and then made the post it would have work.

[Quick edit] i just try editing and get this message "You have exceeded the number of posts you can make in a 10 minutes period. Please try again later." but quick edit works fine :slight_smile:

This is currently under discussion in this very section in

It would have been found with just a tiny bit of research.