build 1.0.5-r2 avrdude:stk500 error

I have removed old versions of Arduino and installed 1.0.2-r2. When I try and upload I get the error: avrdude:stk500-getsync;not in sync I have tried to re-install several times but get the same error. Whats going on please?


sorry, my mistake, it was 1.0.5 I downloaded.


There 2 versions of the download at :, one is a windows install and you don't get an option of where to put it and the other I have run from the downloads unzipped folder and that gives the same error. The USB finds the UNO OK and the sketch builds OK but when it comes to downloading I get that error. I wish I hadn't tried to update now.

I was having the same problem and I have resolved it. When I looked in the Windows Device Manager and examined the Arduino Uno under Ports, it showed the Uno on COM5 when the IDE correctly showed it on COM3. I know that I had moved it to a different USB port at one point, so even though I could set the correct COM port from within the IDE, the COM port was listed incorrectly in the Device Manager. To fix it, I simply moved the cable back to COM5 and changed its port back to COM5 in the IDE and it worked!

OK AndyInAnnArbor, I tried that but no luck, I also followed the instructions on the following link and that didn't work either. I also have an avrispII which downloads through the ISP pins and that doesn't work either. I am a bit stuffed at the moment cos I cant now get an Arduino to work on my computer.


Trek, I know if probably doesn't get you very far, but the one thing my experience and the link you referred to have in common is a USB problem. I would not have guessed that, but that may be something useful to keep in mind as you continue to troubleshoot. Are you using a hub? Have you rebooted your computer lately (I'm really bad about that)? Extrapolating from my one data point suggests that it isn't your arduino. For me, it didn't matter what sketch I ran; they all generated the same error. I was considering getting a new one, but as luck would have it, I stumbled on to a solution.

Good luck.