Build a MIDI-Controller

Hey Guys!

My and a friend want to start our first project with an arduino uni: A midi-controller to send midi inputs to a Computer (DAW-program) over digital and analog inputs (button matrix, twist/slide potentiometers, joystick and proximity sensor).

I don't know if my selected parts fit together, can you maybe take a look at it? I want to order through mouser, so you can suggest me products there, if you may have a better idea for a part.



IR Proximity Sensor:



Push button:

Push button caps (do they fit? o.O):

Do you have any other ideas? I thought of a TFT Panel, but there are so many parts on, I have no idea which one to choose and to use with seriel connection (because I need the pins). Do you have any advices for around 10-20 Dollars/Euros?