Build an Arduino device to detect the human hand position

I am completely new to Arduino platform and I am trying to find the way to build a device for my needs to detect human hand position in space.

The idea

I want to place that device on the human hand (like watches) and receive three different states:

  • The hand is in the lower position: when the person is standing and doing nothing with his hands;
  • The hand is likely to be in horizontal position: the person works with keyboard/writes;
  • The hand is close to head/in vertical position: the person touches his head/holds the hand vertically.

The device should detect the position (for example, once in a second) and report the hand state via the beeper with a sound of a different frequency for states or via 3 LEDs of different colors.

Here is my findings about possible solutions based on Arduino platform:

  1. Arduino Lily Pad1 is small enough, has a battery as a power source, can be placed on the hand but I can’t find Gyroscope sensor (that’s the sad part)
  2. Arduino Board Nano2 is relatively small but I’m not sure about the power source and which Gyroscope to use: TinkerKit Gyroscope 2 Axis sensitivity 1X3 or TinkerKit Gyroscope 2 Axis sensitivity 4X4

Is this the right direction to move?
Are there any other solutions?

Kinect is not a portable solution: I would like to use the device on one hand without any additional scanning hardware.

If the hand isn't going to be moved around much, you might be able to use a couple of tilt switches to detect whether the hand was angled down / level / angle up.