build an arduino on a breadboard


I'm ordering parts to build an arduino on a breadboard following this tutorial:

Would anybody know what the 28 pin Socket, IC, 0.3" is needed for in the part lists?


Because IC legs are so easily bent. Then they break. Insert IC into socket then socket legs can get bent.


I don't bother with an IC socket if I am just inserting the Atmega 328 into a solderless breadboard but I do if I want to put it on a piece of veroboard as I can't damage the IC while soldering the empty socket to the PCB.

If you put the IC onto a breadboard (with or without a socket) be careful to leave space so you can put a screwdriver or similar under it to lever it gently from the breadboard without bending the pins.


I also wonder about the 3.3V regulator.

3.3V regulators in TO-220 package are available.