Build computer using arduino displays?


Hello, i am new here so try to explain stuff relating to arduino a bit, i have never used arduino before.

I got the idea to build my own computer, that can support the inputting of alphanumeric commands. I was going to have a number of LCD displays: one that probably isnt even worth mentioning here, a display showing the command being input, and a display showing output/response from computer. I was wondering how I could do this? If i built a keyboard that sent its own binary-encoded characters, how would i wire that so it could display on an lcd with arduino? (I know that arduino has displays) and how could i wire the response from the computer onto the second display?

I'm mainly asking if this is even possible, and if so, a breif explaination on how I could do it. I'm not looking for some super in-depth explaination, but if that's the only way to convey how to do it, then so be it.

Thanks in advance (if anyone decides to help me)

I'm mainly asking if this is even possible

Basically yes but your requirements are incredibly vague.

Please bear in mind that an Arduino is a micro controller not a computer. Any code it runs, it runs from Flash memory and generally you don't change flash memory in running code. You can build an interpenetrated language with Bit Lash.

The simplest way to wire a display is to use the I2C interface, but the graphics like displays take a lot of memory and don't leave much for anything else so stick to a character display.

For the keyboard the simplest way is to use an old PS2 type keyboard Arduino Playground - PS2Keyboard