Build Folder disappeared error


I'm having troubles getting a program to upload to my Duemilanove ATmega328. I receive the error message of "Build folder disappeared or could not be written." I think the problem is that when I plugged in the Arduino at first, Windows (Vista) immediately took over and installed drivers for it and I didn't get a chance to install the correct ones as described in the instructions.

How do I uninstall the Window-installed drivers and install the Arduino ones? It looks like Windows recognizes it as a USB serial converter. I've told the computer to replace the drivers (under Device Manager) to no benefit. Any ideas?


huh... if you are using Arduino 017, there is problem with oyur temp folder, where the program is build. Check something like \Users\username\Local Settings\Temp where application tryies to build your scetch. Or just restart application to create nnew build folder...

If you are using a computer where you don't have rights to change the folder where arduino is copied, you can't compile your code, because it wants to change some of the files in the folder.

Solution: Put the folder in a location that you have full access/permissions and run the arduino.exe from there. :o