Build LCD that returns data from DB/Website


I'm going to order my first kit of Arduino-stuff, to build a LCD-display wich shows posts that are made to my website. If someone posts a message, i would like for the arduino to fetch that post and display it.

Now, since i'm totaly new and have no clue on how to build this - i would love to see what the best way to build it would be. What parts would i need to get? Code?

I will update this post regularly and show what i'm building! Thank you for your help!

Best regards, Nick

if that's all you want to do(with no button or anything) you just need a serial LCD, Ethernet shield and a Arduino. all these you can get at Sparkfun. i think, IMHO, that it would be easier for your web server to notify the Arduino each time a post is made. there are a ton of Ethernet library examples in the IDE on how to receive data.