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OK, so I got my environment set up and successfully compiled the IDE without any errors. My question is it appears that the utilities, such as avrdude are prebuilt binaries and processed with patches. I want to use my own build of these utilities, is there any way to do this with the IDE build? Do I need to download the sources and build them, put them in the IDE build? Will the patch files still work (I.E. with RELEASE_6_0_1 of avrdude)?

Things would be a lot easier if it was done with all the sources included in the package and a full build of the IDE done from that.

So what do I need to do to set this up, and will it even work?


I think what you suggest will work, but it might be easier to install the tools you want and just delete the arduino-internal versions (which will mostly cause Arduino to use the versions in your path.)

You didn’t say which OS you’re using…

It’s not recommended to use different tool versions. There are a bunch of compatibility issues.
(some listed here: avr-gcc, avr-libc compiler and toolchain known bugs · Issue #1208 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub )

There has been other discussion about this. For example:

If you’re going to hack the IDE, you may want to join the “developers” email list and peruse its archive: Google Groups

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Sorry, windows xp sp3.

I joined the group. I guess my main question is why the toolchain uses prebuilt binaries and not the source, even though they are older versions. I mean if you're going to have the source, it may as well be for all the code