Builde weather station on ESP8266

Hi Brothers :) , i'm going to build a Weather Station on ESP8266-07..( i will flash it by USB to TTL ) ...i will add those Components : BMP280+DHT22(with board have resistor)+GPS ublox-6m+ DS3231-AT24C32-IIC Clock (Real Time)+SD card logger+ 2 slide switch button + 2 Led Maybe i will add Rain Water Level Sensor T1592 P

first slide switch button + Red led: = ON/Off button (just wake up the component ) Second slide switch Button+Blue Led = Manuel button to send data to the Computer

==> I just having promblems how to connect all of this on the ESP8266-07 ..does i need to extend the GPIO by adding PCF8574 or not necessary ? and does i need some resistors ? if yes where i will add them ? and thanks :)

help ? :( :(

all parts in the picture …i want to connect them