Builder-Debug-Linker  All free for CM3

Hi forks:

A few month a ago I introduce you a free RTOS–Coocox OS.
Now I want to told you another tools for CM3–Coocox Builder.

Coocox Builer:provides graphical development environment,you just need to click you mouse then you can get the framework of your project with the function you need(eg UART,SD card,GPIO…)

Coocox Debug:work with the builder for you to analyze your code

Coocox Linker:you can download the bin file to the board with it

It is very convient,especially if you use the SAM3U board.

Very great work! The OS and the Eclipse env seems impressive.

We are thinking in migrate an ARM7 design to M3, but just starting to see the devices and families. We always use Atmel, but seems there is no M3 with Ethernet, and no OTG device in their Cortex familiy.


LPC1768,this is an Cortex chip of NXP,it support Ethernet and OTG.
Our builder also support LPC1768,and gives you some examples.
Hope this could help you and thank you for your attention

By the way,you can contact us from
we will help you if you have any question.

Thank you very much. I will contact you when we return to this design (currently we have all our effort in launching Multiplo, our robot building system), but it’s probably that after that we will re-start our Cortex based design.
Thanks again,

The CooCox cobuilder is a good ARM M3 compiler but with NO support of C++ (cpp files) then
creating libraries using class objects would be very difficult.

Libraries extend the usefulness of “user applications”. The Arduino libraries
are based on C++ and the ability to extend “C” routines using class objects
makes the Arduino so appealing for everyone to use.
Can you imagine using the Arduino without user libraries?
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