Building a 6 channel Dac?

Hello all. I am an aerospace engineering student working on building a hydraulic Stewart platform for motion simulation. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the team no one knows much about electronics and embedded systems yet. We have 6 analogue servo amplifiers that control the opening of hydraulic valves. the servo amplifiers' input command is +/- 0 to12vDC. Problem we have is that we don't have hardware to interface the servo amps to control software. We are trying to keep cost down so i figured the cheapest option will be to make one. i have had a look around on the net and i've seen some arduino dac projects there but it seems they dont have one to output 6 channels. Can someone please point me in the right direction, i dont know much about the subject but willing to learn.


There are many DAC chips you could use, offhand I can't think of one that has 6 outputs but there are a lot with serial interfaces like I2C so you could use six of them.

The DS4432 is an example of a dual I2C DAC, this one cannot have different addresses though (make sit hard to use 3 of them) but there will be some that can.

You also need to decide on the resolution you need.

EDIT: The AD5307/AD5317/AD5327 is a quad with an SPI-like interface so you could use two of them easily.

ANOTHER EDIT: I'm on a roll now, the MAX520/MAX521 is available in quad or octal.


Octal DAC, ask analog devices for a student sample, using school e-mail address.

For example:

Browse here for others, paying attention to the package, some are o more user friendly than others.