Building a Arduino based board


Am looking to build a simple computer - a low end processor/ microcontroller which can run linux off a memory card, can drive a wireless interface, an lvds panel (of say, a 15", 1024 X 768 resolution), and a usb device…

Can I consider Arduino for such a board? Can anyone share their designs if anyone has already done that??

Please let me know.


short answer : no :)

arduino can't remotely be able to run linux, not enough ram and power

you should look at the AVR32 series of processors... they run linux and have all u need

If you are looking to do this as a learning exercise--then disregard this message. Have fun, it will be a great project.

However, if you are doing this to save money then I would strongly suggest you reconsider. There are multitudes of commercial solutions that perform these operations. The vast majority of which can be purchased for less the the cost of getting set up to develop this hardware--not counting the time involved. You could easily get what you looking for for less than $200 and possibly less than $100 if your frugal and spend some time.

Some of the low end mini-itx motherboards have these features and can be had for $100-$150 with a foot print of 7" x 7". I believe the waysmall brand controllers can implement these (video would be SVGA) and are smaller than a pack of cigerettes.