Building a Bluetooth Talkback for MusicStudio


Since I successfully build some Midi Controller using Arduino Super Powers I found a new field to apply those Powers.

While recording Vocals in my little Studio I often stumbled over the Headphone cable that I use to listen to the singer and another cable for the microphone to talk to him. Image having a cup of coffee, cats and the singers beer parking on my desk and my Headphone cable swinging over it like sword :slight_smile: It's just a matter of faith when it'll a be a sticky mess!

To avoid that here's my goal:

  1. Pair my headset to the Arduino
  2. Send Stereo Audio TO the Headset using Arduino PINs as audio INPUT
  3. Receive the Microphone output FROM the headset and send it to an Arduino PINs as audio OUTPUT

My setup:
Arduino Nano 3 or Teensy 3.2
Mic preamp

Since the approach for the Midi Controller was very different if would be great to have some support. The diagram hopefully explains more than 1000 words.

Bluetooth BLE does not support audio, only Bluetooth Classic does. A quick google search makes me believe the HM-10 is BLE only. I might be wrong. Anyway, Bluetooth audio consumer products are available for little money. You are probably better off buying a complete solution.

Thanks Klaus. I googled a lot for available audio streaming solutions are you suggested. Your absolutly right: THERE ARE A LOT. The thing is that they all your steam stereo audio from A to B. To stream the Headset Microphone to an output and using an analog input is a usecase that I've seen only in Music Studios. So there is not really enough demand for it to mass produce such a device.

The HM-10 has A2DP so the Audio & Mic Streaming should be working. If needed I get another one. So far I can't find any clues of how to set PINs to get audio or info about how that could work.