Building a notification system to facilitate community across a wall

Hi there kind folk,

I'm looking to build a set of push-button notification devices that would help communicate across a wall.

The scenario is a community of folks living in two houses trying to communicate simple messages across the wall without using cell phones / text messages etc.

The goal being a hyper-local unintrusive "opt-in" notification for hanging out, social time, meal sharing etc that gives a discrete visual cue in each house as to who might be home next door & available to connect.

I know that this project is probably fairly straightforward for someone with the right skills, but mine are more in the art and community organizing department than in the soldering & coding department.

So I'm wondering if y'all might have suggestions both on how to proceed with manifesting this, whether it be learning it all DIY, or finding someone out there to commission to help put this together.

A bit more of what I'm envisioning is below in case it's of interest. Or if there's an off the shelf setup that could accommodate this that you know of, please let me know!

Many thanks, -jj

Here's the rough idea:

– Two units with a set of LED indicators (indicating spaces in the adjacent house) and push-buttons (indicating spaces in the house that you're currently in) – When you push a button, the corresponding LED indicator next door starts to pulse gently for a predetermined period of time. (Additional pushes add more time.) – An optional "ring" button triggers an audible tone next door. – ~12 buttons & LEDs per unit (representing 9 locations in each house, plus a couple optional extra info buttons. – The status of each location is tracked by a script on a server, so that folks out of the house can check in via a browser and see who's home to hang out if they want to. – If we can get fancier, an option to scale up to include neighbors and set preferences as to whether to broadcast info to just the house next door, or to additional neighbors on the block.


I'm grateful for your time & insights.

Maybe a Raspberry PI would be more suitable as it has WiFi and the web application can be programmed in Python.