Building a price checker game, feasible with reed switches & arduino?


I'm looking to create a game similar to the game: "it's in the bag" on the game show The Price Is Right (basically the game consists of matching price tags to common household items). With my game I will need a display that will display the number of correct guesses as feedback to the contestants.

I'll preface by saying that I'm fairly new with Arduino & electronics in general, but have some coding experience and it seems like a fun project to learn and tackle myself instead of outsourcing (but I might be in over my head and at a loss as to where to start).

Project Outline

  • Creating a game where players need to place 6 price tags onto 6 household items.
  • A monitor will turn on when the 6 tags are placed & the number of correct guesses will be shown.
  • A mag lock will open once all 6 prices are placed correctly & contestants will obtain their prize.

My current plan for accomplishing the project:

  • Embed 2 magnets into 6 price tags (one in a unique spot & one in a repetitive spot)
  • Wire 6 reed switches in series and use this as a check that all 6 price tags have been placed.
  • Power on the monitor when this circuit has been completed.
  • Use the other 6 unique magnets and reed switches to check if each individual price tag has been placed in the correct spot & return a display of 0 to 6 to the monitor depending how many are correct.
  • If all are correct open a mag lock with a relay

A couple starting questions:

  1. Would this even feasible off of an arduino? I'll have 12 reed switches, an LED display & a relay for the mag lock with my above plan.
  2. Maybe my above plan sucks & I should be looking at RFIDs or something instead?

Thanks for the help!