Building a Robotic Claw

I am considering buying the Sparkfun Robotic Claw with the pan and tilt three servoes, please keep in mind that I have no prior experience in robotics and with writing the codes to control them. I have two Arduino boards the MEGA 2560 or the Mini that I can have access to. I did a quick search for a build thread on this, and even the code to control it but am still looking. I am looking for a bit of advice and even someone to get me started in the right direction.


Since your new I highly recommend you try the servo examples. Also there are a lot of servo tutorials on YouTube, check them out.
For power, I suggest you use a rechargeable battery pack +9Volts, going into the power jack not the Vin, I'm not sure if that can handle 9 volts or if it just takes 5 volts. But just to be safe, go through the jack.

Get the parts, including the servos and start small - just attach one servo and make it open and close the grippers. Look for posts by Zoomcat that have some example code for exercising servos - it would be a good starting point. You will need a separate power supply to power the servos, don't forget to connect it's ground to arduino ground.